Pistachios and weight management

Pistachios and weight management

Are pistachios really as fatty and rich in calories as they are said to be? Researchers discovered that the truth is quite the opposite. Rich in fibre and nutrients - with only about 3 calories per nut, pistachios are the optimal snack to add to a balanced and healthy diet, if you wish to manage your weight. This is the reason why.

Do you know the Pistachio Principle?

It was developed by the nutritionist Dr. James Painter and follows the concept of managing weight without having to starve. During the course of several studies, he noticed that a pistachio snack in which people first had to split open the nut was much more filling and satisfying than snacks in which the pistachios had already been de-shelled. Moreover, the shells tell you how much you have already eaten. The result: Study participants who ate in-shell nuts consumed an average of 35% fewer calories than those who ate shelled nuts.

5 Tips and tricks for weight management

1. Be more conscious of how much you eat: snacking on items like in-shell pistachios, which take longer to eat and give you a visual cue of how much you have eaten, can help you eat more  slowly and deliberately.

2. Replace chocolate and crisps with natural snacks such as pistachios and dried fruit.

3. Eat off small plates and drink from tall, slim glasses.

4. Do light exercise daily and some form of sport at least once a week.

5. Avoid instant meals and eat freshly cooked food instead.

How many nuts should I eat?

Dietitians recommend a daily portion of 30g, which is about 49 nuts. They contain about 160 calories. Pistachios thus contain fewer calories than many other nuts such as walnuts (190kcal) and macadamia (200kcal).

Nutrition facts

Help, I’m binge eating!

If you regularly have relapses during your diet, then you should check whether your diet is balanced and satisfying - because a bad-tasting diet won't work. A portion of pistachios can help to prevent hunger pangs. Crack open 30g of nuts, eat them slowly, enjoy them and look forward to a lasting feeling of satisfaction.

3 good reasons for pistachios

  • Pistachios contain fibre and proteins.

  • The slow consumption has a satiating effect.

  • A pistachio snack helps to prevent hunger pangs.

Diet programmes rely on nuts

Pistachios are so rich in fibre that they are an ideal snack during a diet.
A handful of pistachios (about 28 nuts) can help to prevent hunger pangs and to add natural fibre and protein to the diet. Numerous tried and tested diet programmes, such as the Mediterranean Diet or the Weight-Watchers programme, also include nuts.

Slow food: Eat your pistachios slowly

Pistachios in their shells are the ideal slow food snack: By splitting each nut open, you take more time to eat and are more aware of starting to feel satisfied. Also, the taste of a nut that you have "worked" for is more intense and satisfying. And the number of empty shells shows you how much you have already eaten. In general, the following applies: The slower you eat the better. Tip: Drink a glass of water with each snack, as this also gives a feeling of fullness.

On the move with pistachios

An athlete's snack: Pistachios contain nutrients such as potassium, which contributes to normal muscular function. And in contrast to many other energy bars and protein drinks, pistachios are an entirely natural snack, which will quickly replenish your energy stores after exercise.